The Legal Department of the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi was established in the year 2009 by Rev. Fr. Dr. Maurice Izunwa Esq. It generally operates as the Diocesan Legal Advisory Office while providing the Solicitors Services to the Diocese also.

Below is a list of the activities of the law office:

*Settling the pleadings for litigations against and by the Diocese.
*Advising the Bishop and sundry Diocesan bodies on legal matters.
*Management of the Diocesan Assets and Property Documents.
*Organising Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism for the Diocese.
*Acting as Solicitors for the Diocese, Individuals and Corporate Organizations.

What is more, there is a subsidiary of the Law Office called Nnewi Diocesan Archival Series (NDAS) which makes legal, paralegal and non-legal publications in the enhancement of human rights and knowledge.

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